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Our Mission

We help client organizations achieve velocity and scale through the intelligent and aligned adoption of information security, DevSecOps, and risk management best practices and tools.

Our Story

We believe that information security should be in the service of the possible and optimally aligned to support client strategy and objectives because alignment unlocks velocity and supports growth.  This belief is baked into our offerings and methods. 


We’ve been in the trenches of growth and global organizations operating under quarterly objectives.  We understand that sometimes stuff - unwritten policies, broken or non-existent procedures, unintegrated tools - just needs to be addressed.  We believe that with the right mindset and assistance, any urgent security action can be made to contribute to velocity and scale.   I/Omergent engages with clients to scope and deliver bespoke information security services whenever action is required.

Serving organizations ranging from startups to multi-billion-dollar corporations, we've modernized technology stacks and security programs, launched new cloud-based security software and services, built privacy programs, grown market share, and driven innovation. 

Jon Rose - Founder & Managing Partner

Jon’s background combines experience and insights working as a CISO, building security solutions and services offerings, and delivering technical security assessments and penetration testing for clients.

Brett Wilson - Founder & Managing Partner

For over twenty years, Brett has built and managed successful information security products, services, and companies serving clients from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises and government agencies.  

IOmergent leverages a diverse network of partners to help meet our client's unique needs.

Experienced Leadership

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