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Enable Scale and Velocity with Security Leadership and Experience

Align your security objectives and investments with your business strategy

We help growing organizations assess, design, build and operate comprehensive security capabilities to meet modern demands.



Security Program Design

Fractional & Interim CISOs

Embedded Security Team

Cloud Security Managed Services


Our security and risk management advisory process starts with a unique program-level security assessment to identify gaps and quantify risks. We leverage our CISOs' experience, the relevant industry frameworks for your business and modern api-connected tools to establish a clear understanding of the current posture of systems and applications.

Your assessment includes:

  • Current cyber security maturity ratings and targets

  • Identification and quantification of top cyber risks

  • Current software assurance maturity ratings and targets

  • Preliminary threat models for critical applications

  • Cloud and SaaS security posture recommendations

  • Prioritized program level recommendations

Security Program Design

Your security program should align with your business strategy.  We'll guide your executive stakeholders through a collaborative security program design process:

  • Objectives, Resources & Investment: Given the risks, security gaps and your business strategy, our process helps your team build consensus on what you prioritize and what risks you accept.

  • Budget and Roadmap: Given your objectives and investment, we work with you to shape how and when you allocate resources and create the plan of attack.

  • Cross-Functional Governance: We educate and empower executive stakeholders to ensure ownership and effective management of security-related projects and operations across functions.

Fractional CISO 

Whether your company needs ongoing strategic advisory or an experienced hand to manage building and operating your program, our Fractional CISOs -- who have helped organizations like your overcome the challenges -- make all the difference.

Building your first security program or restarting an atrophied program under an experience Fractional CISO makes dollars and sense. Your team needs the experience of a seasoned security leader but must also invest in tools, processes and technical know-how. 

Interim CISO 

If your organization is separating with its CISO, IOmergent can provide an experienced and vetted CISO on a full or part time basis to facilitate a smooth security leadership transition.   IOmergent will work with your executive team to understand critical initiatives, activities and personnel matters and then work to place and support the right Interim CISO in your organization.

Embedded Security Team

Advisory services and Fractional CISO oversight are not always enough to build and operate a right-sized security program aligned with your business strategy.

Overhauling your corporate IT controls, correctly prioritizing vulnerabilities, coaching your development team, creating threat models, building repeatable and relevant metrics or preparing for compliance requires specialists.

IOmergent deploys it's Fractional CISOs with an agile and experienced team of fractional specialists to help your organization achieve its security objectives while you build or hire internal expertise.

Cloud Security Posture & Vulnerability Management

IOmergent provides managed services and active security coaching to help cloud -

enabled companies address some of their greatest cyber risks.  The service includes:

  • Policy-driven configuration & vulnerability management of cloud environment

  • Identification and tracking of critical assets, PII and other sensitive data

  • Context-aware and prioritized remediation recommendations

  • Identification of configuration drift, vulnerabilities and malicious artifacts

  • Integration with client development and DevOps process and pipelines

Unique Security Projects

You can't plan for everything. Whether it is a disaster recoery plan or a prospect with a short timeline and strict security requirement, IOmergent can extend beyond the retainer to address immediate or unique projects that impact your bottom line.

We Work With Your Ecosystem

Regardless of tools, cloud providers, outsourced development teams, vendors, and other business constraints, we are flexible and will help build the right solution at the right time for your unique business needs.

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