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Our Solutions

Fractional Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Retainer based security and risk management advisory services that align your security activities with your business and leadership.  A steady and experienced hand to help your team understand and communicate risks and opportunities, prioritize efforts and investments, deliver outcomes, and navigate security incidents when they occur. 

Secure Software Development & DevSecOps

When your applications and cloud services are core to your business, whether built in-house or outsourced, we deliver a customized framework to integrate security and observability elementally across the software development lifecycle.  We marry-up all inputs and outputs with modern DevOps practices and CI/CD environments and provide recommendations to empower reliability and velocity.

Security Maturity Assessment

Identify the information security opportunities, risks and requirements across your organization and supply chain and understand how they align with your organization’s strategy, competitive advantages, and compliance requirements leveraging frameworks such as NIST Cyber Security Framework, Cyber Defense Matrix, and others.  Prioritize efforts against opportunities to bolster strategic advantages, unlock operational velocity, address high priority risks and achieve compliance.

Technical Risk Reduction

Identify and map technical vulnerabilities and risks from SaaS platforms, Cloud environments, vendors, supply chain, and IT systems to business risks to understand your true exposure and craft a customized plan of action to reduce, mitigate, or shift business risk.

We Work With Your Ecosystem

Regardless of tools, cloud providers, outsourced development teams, vendors, and other business constraints, we are flexible and will help build the right solution at the right time for your unique business needs.