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The Two Critical Factors Driving Information Security Today

You know that just as it’s important to demonstrate a strong security posture to your customers by confidently participating in their vendor security audits, it’s also important to understand the security of your own vendors and how they might pose a risk to your organization.


This new white paper from IOmergent looks at the multiple factors driving information security today and how you should respond. We’ll dive into:


  • How the need to address information security tends to develop in response to two critical factors, and what they are

  • Key strategic questions to ask before running technical assessments

  • How fractional CISO services can help

  • When to use virtual CISO retainers


You’ll also learn how IOmergent Fractional CISO services help clients build information security programs and fill critical capabilities gaps so they can continue to focus on their mission-critical goals and growth.


Download the white paper now to learn more.

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